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Our Rooms

Teenies & Tinies

0-2 years


2-3 years

Our Tots Room has been created with everything a curious toddler would need and provides an environment that encourages children to become independent and investigative learners. The curriculum is carefully planned to challenge and extend upon what children know, through their personal interests.

Our Tots team is led by Ellie, a fun and dynamic practitioner with a love of expressive arts. Ellie and her team have designed the room with open-ended and authentic resources that allow children to learn through first-hand experiences. All equipment is easily accessible at the child’s level, to promote independence and offer free choice.

Lower Pre School

3-5 years

Our Lower Pre School Room is led by Sami, a knowledgeable practitioner with experience of managing childcare settings. Sami is an inspiring leader and a great motivator within the nursery, always striving to improve her own practice and that of others.

Activities in Lower Pre School are challenging and inspiring and planned completely around the interests and needs of the children within the room.

Children learn within a homely atmosphere, where the resources allow children to experience the authenticity of those found in the home and world around them.

Lower Pre School take pride in having close links with the community, where children can experience the awe and wonder of the world around them, by having trips to our local allotment, visits from emergency services as well as outings to the local shop to purchase cooking ingredients. Strong links with the community allow children to experience the real world in a safe way and have the self confidence to be an active learner.​

Upper Pre School

3-5 years

The Upper Preschool room is led by Laura, who holds a BA Hons in Primary Education, specialising in Early Years. Laura is a longstanding member of the Canterbury Road team, joining us in 2015 and bringing with her a wealth of knowledge.

Laura is our Curriculum Lead here at nursery and was influential in the design of our Observation and Assessment processes. Laura has a remarkable understanding of how children learn and develop and is able to translate this into fun, inspiring activities for all.

The Upper Pre School Room provides a challenging and stimulating curriculum that is carefully planned around the children’s interests and needs, in order to prepare children for the next stage of learning and transition to school. Social learning and collaboration is encouraged through children working with their peers, knowledgeable adults and the local community.

The natural and inspiring environment allow children to develop independent thinking, language and communication, problem solving, imagination, respect and curiosity.  ​