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Physical Activity and Nutrition

Here at Canterbury Road Day Nursery our commitment to ensuring that children are provided with healthy balanced meals, is shown by our award from Trafford as an Early Years Healthy Setting.

Our meals are balanced, nutritional and prepared freshly onsite by our nursery chef who ensures the menus are inspiring, so that healthy eating is embedded in your child’s experiences from the day they start their journey with us.

Our Chef has an in-depth understanding of nutrition, food hygiene and menu planning. Our menu reflects the seasons and the diverse cultures we have here at Canterbury Road Day Nursery.

No matter what your child’s dietary requirements we will ensure they have fresh, delicious, healthy meals. Fresh Fruit is provided everyday along with water and milk at snack times.

Meal times are a relaxed, social experience where a gentle homely experience is created. Practitioners sit with the children and eat to model good behaviour at meal times and to discuss the types of foods the children are eating and where and how it is grown.​

Oral Health

From brushing your child’s first tooth, to their first trip to the dentist, your child’s oral health habits plays a key part in their early year’s wellbeing. Did you know over 25% of five-year olds in England have tooth decay? Here at Canterbury Road Day Nursery we want to help bring down those statistics. This is why we are so committed to having a Healthy Setting Award which we have managed to retain for 5 years.

What can we do to support you?

We provide a variety of resources and activities to help children understand the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums including oral health story books, role play resources and termly visits from an Oral Health Nurse.

We provide nutritious and balanced meals that are designed to promote good dental health. In addition to this we have also removed all artificial sugars from our recipes, we now use the natural sugars in fruit to sweeten our desserts. Children are provided with milk or water to drink throughout the day and are encouraged to drink from a free-flowing cup at mealtimes.

At Canterbury Road Day Nursery we work closely with children’s families to promote children’s oral health by providing dental packs to families that contain a toothbrush, toothpaste and top tips for tooth brushing at home. Parents are regularly provided with information of how to promote good oral health habits at home, including through information sharing evenings at Nursery led by an Oral Health Nurse.

Dionne’s Top Tips for Supporting Children’s Oral Health

  • Keep sugary and acidic food and drinks to mealtimes
  • Brush teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Visit the dentist regularly
  • Brush or supervise tooth brushing until your child is at least 7 years old
  • Swap sugary drinks for milk or water

For more information please follow the link below:

Reducing sugar – Food facts – Healthier Families – NHS (

Feedback from many of our families shows that you have struggled to access a dentist, the following link will help you to find a NHS Dentist 

Find a dentist – NHS (

Babies Garden

Here at Canterbury Road Day Nursery our babies have a separate outdoor environment solely for their use. The space is tailored to meet the needs of our youngest learners, aged from 0-2 years, to promote their physical and intellectual development.

The outdoor environment is surrounded by beautiful flowers and a herb garden, providing our babies with a stimulating, multi-sensory environment. This provides opportunities for the babies to learn about the world around them and to learn through doing and experimenting. 

We aim to foster children’s curiosity and imagination through providing an array of creative opportunities to support babies’ sensory skills in our designated creative area. Our soft play equipment encourages babies to improve their muscle strength, balance and confidence, all whilst having fun alongside their peers. 

Tots Garden

Our Tots Garden has been created with our curious and adventurous toddlers in mind. The large play space designed for children aged 2-3 years has soft flooring and is separated into designated spaces that support all aspects of children’s development.   

We believe outdoor play establishes a healthy and active lifestyle and supports children’s overall wellbeing. We have a large canopy that covers our toddlers garden, protecting us from the sun and providing some shelter from the rain.

Our climbing equipment allows children to develop their gross motor skills and manage their own risks in a fun and safe way, whilst supporting their balance and coordination skills.

We have our very own mud kitchen in the Tots Garden, allowing children to connect with nature, develop their sensory skills and broaden their language and communication.  Our large playhouse supports children’s imaginative skills and is equipped with real life resources to enable children to learn through first-hand experiences.

Our water station is not only fun! It also develops mathematic skills through pouring and filling and builds upon children’s imaginative skills. 

Pre School Garden

Our Pre School Garden provides unique opportunities for our eldest learners to explore, use their imagination and develop a love for the outdoors. We have a purpose-built mud kitchen where children can investigate and get messy while developing language, communication and mathematical skills.

We have a large, paved road where children can use their gross motor skills on the bikes or practice their balancing skills on the scooters while developing skills around spatial awareness. Our built in traffic lights allows children to learn about road safety and manage their own risks.

We have a potion station where children can explore and use their imagination while concocting a variety of new smells and textures. This allows children to experience the versatility of natural resources found in the environment and develop their sensory skills.

We also have a rabbit called Lew who lives in our pre school garden in his own large hutch. Children are able to learn about looking after small animals, as well as experiencing the importance of care routines such as feeding, fresh water and clean bedding. This allows our children to be independent thinkers and have responsibility for living things.