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Our Curriculum


At Canterbury Road Day Nursery, we believe that children make sense of the world around them by learning through play, shared experiences, and meaningful interactions with knowledgeable practitioners. We prepare a challenging and ambitious curriculum for all, inclusive of those with SEND, this educates children in the knowledge, skills and understanding that allows them to be inquisitive, curious, independent, social learners who thrive within the seven areas of learning.

We intend for children to become capable communicators through rich social interactions

and have a lifelong love of books and reading. Practitioners offer learning experiences that provide children with essential knowledge they need, to prepare them for future success.

 We intend for children and practitioners to be respectful and tolerant of others, irrespective of their faiths and beliefs, by understanding that we do not all share the same principles and values.

The health and wellbeing of children at nursery is core to ensuring excellent outcomes throughout their learning journey and essential in securing a love of lifelong learning.


We create a rich learning environment indoors and outdoors, providing children with authentic, sustainable, open end resources to explore.

Age and stage appropriate routines provide a sense of stability, structure, and boundaries, whilst supporting language and learning with interactive story times, our lending library, bedtime bear and word of the week.

We support health and wellbeing through yoga and relaxation techniques and CFS spaces. We provide healthy snacks and meals where we learn the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle. The children take part in extracurricular activities that promotes healthy lifestyles by encouraging exercise. Stretch and Grow, Playmakers, Cooking with the kitchen and Forest Fridays.

To support our wider curriculum, we provide opportunities for families to come into nursery to discuss their child’s individual progress. We ensure children’s transitions to nursery and between rooms are a positive experience for children and their parents and carers. This includes settling in sessions, play and stay sessions, nursery visits and home visits as well as open days throughout the year. All this is alongside frequent informal communication to suit individual family needs.

We work in partnerships with our families to encourage independent, happy leaners who can reach their full potential from their individual starting points. Community involvement is an essential part of our curriculum as we believe that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.

Practitioners ensure their own speaking, listening, and reading enables children to develop their own language and vocabulary well. Read to children in a way that excites and engages, introducing new ideas concepts and vocabulary. We believe our children learn from the experiences, from the practitioners and others around them.


We take pride in ensuring that children at Canterbury Road make good progress across all 7 areas of the curriculum.

Our curriculum needs to meet the needs of our all our children, so we spend time observing their learning experiences ensuring we provide opportunities that ensure progress for each individual child. Assessments are ongoing and allow practitioners to provide targeted interventions when needed in an age appropriate way. We endeavour that all children leave Canterbury Road well rounded individuals, who leave with skills to embark on the next stage of their schooling with good values, knowledge, skills and positive attitudes which encourage them to be lifelong learners and valuable future citizens.