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Extra Curricular Sessions

Stretch N Grow

Stretch-n-Grow is the worlds largest network of certified youth fitness instructors, providing fun and engaging programmes that get children moving. A holistic health and fitness program for children age 12 months to 7 years in the form of fun weekly classes, conducted by a trained Stretch-n-Grown instructor

Our instructor is Jacqui, an ambitious mum with a passion for health and fitness. Spending most of her time at the gym, running or attending fitness events and showcases around the country.

The Stretch and Grow sessions that Jacqui delivers encourage physical development, whilst teaching the children about the importance of exercise, good nutrition, how their body works, all about their muscles and the benefits of eating healthily. 


Playmakers is a session that uses imaginative play to promote physical development. Children will develop their balance, coordination, fine and gross motor skills whilst understanding the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

Characters ‘Skip’ and ‘Dribble’ engage the children to learn through play and develop key skills, and knowledge. A third character is used to help children avoid bad habits encourage them to be inspired by the positive role model characters, (skip and dribble), who live in the imaginary planet known as the planet playmakers

Mr. Ross delivers our Playmakers sessions here at Canterbury Road, he is an enthusiastic dad of 4 with a passion for health and fitness. Mr. Ross has worked for Premier Football Coaching who host Playmakers for many years has recently taken over the running of Playmakers.

Forest Friday:

Here at nursery, we offer extra circular sessions called ‘Forest Friday’ at no additional cost to families.  Forest Fridays allows the children to express themselves without the constraints of space that they have indoors.

We believe that Children who play outside in all weathers are more likely to be active in their adult lives.

Outdoor learning supports children to develop confidence, self-esteem and independence through hands on experiences within nature.

Forest Friday is a fun, safe way for children to experience supported risk taking on a larger scale then they would indoors.