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About Us

About us

Canterbury Road Day Nursery is a well-established family focussed nursery in Urmston with strong links with the community.

We strive to create a happy atmosphere where the children in our care can become curious learners and investigators by exploring with authentic resources that children can relate to the real world.

Our team of staff are highly qualified, knowledgeable professionals with a true passion for childcare, who are able to express their uniqueness through wearing their own clothes.

Every child at Canterbury Road Day Nursery is unique and has their individual needs met in an environment that celebrates diversity, mutual respect and is tolerant of others.

We believe children learn from the experiences of knowledgeable practitioners, their peers, their family and the community. We work hard to build close relationships from the start of your journey to ensure that you and your child feel confident in starting their unique learning journey with us at Canterbury Road Day Nursery.