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Covid Born Babies Training

Here at Canterbury Road we are fully aware of the impact of COVID-19 on children and their families. As you know due to our consistent work during the pandemic we explored lots of ways of supporting our families throughout COVID-19, inclusive of well being support, home learning packs, sharing activity suggestions etc.

Although we are coming to the end of the pandemic we are aware of the lasting impact COVID-19 has left upon society. We want to make sure we are doing our best to continue to support children and their families. As family co-ordinator I have completed an NDNA training course called ‘Covid Born Babies’ Wellbeing’  to further my knowledge.

This beneficial training highlighted different ways that practitioners and parents can support babies personal, social and emotional development including more opportunities to develop social skills, labelling babies emotions and supporting transitions. If you would like any further information on this please feel free to contact myself.

Another thing that I found particularly beneficial was the links to research and reports including ‘Babies in Lockdown Report, 2020’ and ‘UN Briefing Paper, 2020’.

A staff training session was held after the Covid Born babies training to share this knowledge with the practitioners in the baby room.

In the training we covered the following things;

  • ways we adapted our environment following on from COVID-19
  • extended settle in sessions
  • building upon the triangle of trust
  • gaining a deeper understanding of attachment


Please see below for feedback from our nursery practitioners;

“I found it beneficial to reflect as a team upon the impact of COVID-19 on our nursery families and the importance of supporting effective transitions. As the Tinies room leader I am passionate about forming secure attachments, it was interesting to learn more about the triangle of trust” Chloe Price.

“As an apprentice who is new to Early Years, I found it really interesting to learn about the theories that impact practice, in particular John Bowlby. This is something I will learn more about when I complete my next training course on attachment” Kya Barnes.

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